Group Coaching

Bookings for Level Coaching can now be done via Spond. Please follow the link below. If you need to book more than one rider on a session, please let us know through the message option on Spond.

If you have any queries, please contact Admin on our facebook page




Gloves – you can’t ride without them at club sessions. The club only have a limited amount available to borrow and very few in bigger sizes. If you are attending regularly you really need your own. They don’t need to be anything fancy, just full finger type not mittens. Warmer gloves are fine in winter as long as you can still use the brake.

Booking – booking for club sessions is open Monday to Friday at 5pm. Set a midweek alarm on your phone if you have to.

Turning up on time – you need to be on track ready to ride at the start of your session. If you need to borrow any equipment please arrive 15 mins before your session starts. If you are late you may need to wait for a break in the session before you can join in.

Please provide at least 24hrs notice – if you need to cancel your place. Your place can then be offered to another rider. If the club cannot offer your place to another rider, we cannot provide a refund unless a valid reason is made.

Blackpool BMX Club Member – In order to take part in our coaching sessions, all riders are required to be members of Blackpool BMX Club for insurance purposes.

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