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MSC ZOOM SESSIONS ARE CONTINUING AGAIN THIS WEEK...Hi Everyone,I’m going to be running a variety of training sessions 6 days a week again covering strength, fitness, leg speed, recovery and core work. Every session will be different in order to keep things fun and interesting and our bodies challenged.The sessions are for everyone, no matter what age or fitness. Riders will have different levels to aim for depending on their ability.Weekday sessions are 6.00-7.00pm. Saturday IS NOW 5.00-6.00PM.Riders can choose individual sessions at £4 a day or go for the unlimited option which is as many sessions as you like for £20 a week.Mondays (dumbbells/tins of beans required)Strength and Fitness work 1. … We will perform various exercise covering all muscle groups, working on correct form. Younger riders can use either their body weight or tins of beans as light dumbells. Older riders can use dumbells, I recommend around 3kg for over 13s. Please contact me if you are in the gym regularly, so we can find a weight appropriate to your ability.Tuesdays (No equipment required)HIIT session 1… Today’s session will be fast and furious. We perform fast controlled exercises with minimum rest. Once thoroughly warmed up, these exercises will be explosive to really get those fast twitch muscles activated. This session also includes lots of core work which helps with stability on the bike.Wednesday (Bike and rollers/turbo required)Sprints … The main aim of this session is to work on leg speed. Producing a strong efficient cadence. Strength + Speed equals Power.Thursday…(No equipment required)HIIT session 2… Another High Intensity Interval session but this will be very different from Tuesday.Friday…( Bike and rollers/turbo required)Intervals…This session is all about recovery… Ever come out of the last turn and your legs feel blown? The session will help to deal with this as well as helping you get straight on the power coming out of a turn or after a jump. Also, the better your recovery ,the more chance you have of being just as fast in your final on a Sunday afternoon as you were in practice on Friday night!Saturday... (dumbbells/tins of beans required)Strength and Fitness work 2. … Different session from Monday with a variety of exercises. Older riders can use dumbells, I recommend around 3kg for over 13s. Please contact me if you are in the gym regularly, so we can find a weight appropriate to your ability.To book, or for more information please send me an email.Thanks,Mark. ... See MoreSee Less

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We are a BMX Club affiliated to British Cycling that was formed following the opening of the national standard BMX track in Stanley Park, Blackpool in the summer of 2011. We are here to promote the fun and exciting sport of BMX Racing which is suitable for anyone aged from 4 to over 40, male or female. We aim to attract new riders from all over the area and involve the local community as well. The club has a number of bikes available, and the required safety equipment, which you can hire if you want to give it a try. 

We have over 50 members which includes all levels from novices to talented riders who are regularly making podiums at National races. Our club is growing rapidly and you will always get a very warm welcome from us all, so come on down and have some fun.


We will soon be opening for club sessions again. Things will run differently to allow us to follow the guidance around COVID-19 from British Cycling. Sessions will be booked and paid for online, in advance and will be for Blackpool BMX club members only initially through the club shop on our website.
We are limited to 5 riders per coach and just 4 per gate so coaching session numbers will be limited according to how many coaches are available.
Gate practice will be limited to 20 riders, again in gates of 4. 20 is the most we can fit while maintaining distance in the pens.
We will not be providing any hire equipment or refreshments initially so riders will have to bring their own. Children under 16 will not be able to be left at the track unaccompanied for the sessions. The parent/guardian has to remain on site and are expected to be available to assist their child should they fall or crash. Club first aiders will be present but are asked not to assist unless the the parent is unable to manage (to avoid contact where possible).
All this is going to take some real teamwork and more volunteers than usual. If you are available to help, please do! This gives you an idea of how we will have to run for now.  We will review the situation as the guidance changes.
If you or members of your family are feeling unwell or showing any signs of COVID 19, we respectfully ask you to not to attend any of the pre-booked sessions - (a full refund will be given for any payment made), this is to protect all members and volunteers of the club.
If you have just returned from a country where you have been instructed to self-isolate for 14 days, please follow the advice from the Government.
Unfortunately you will not be able to attend any sessions at the club until your self isolation period is over, again this is to protect club members and volunteers from the virus. Again a full refund will be made for any advance payment made. Thank you for your understanding.
Check if you or your child has coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms


Membership. £5 Juniors, Seniors (16 and over) £10, Family £15.

Download your membership form here. 
On Saturdays we have group coaching run by a British Cycling qualified coach.

CLUB SESSIONS (Pre-book only through club shop)

(Please note that all sessions are running with COVID-19 Guidelines. Read the notice above, before attending)


New Rider Sessions

(Need long sleeve top and trousers. No shorts and T-shirts)
8.40 - 9.40am


10.00 - 11.00am

£3 members / £5 non-members
(sign in from 9.40am)
(Free Bike/Equipment Hire)

Open Gate Session 

11.00am - 1.00pm
£2 Members, £4 Non-Members


Summer only 

Open Gate Session
6.00pm  - 8.00pm

£2 Members, £4 Non-Members

New Rider Sessions

Due to the technical aspect of BMX racing, it is advised to attend a new rider session held by the club at 8.40am each Saturday. A Blackpool BMX coach will assess the ability of the rider, providing advice and encouragement. This is an ideal session for new riders who initially need more attention and focus from our coaches.

Weʼre raising £5,000 to Help Blackpool BMX Club a local club run by volunteers, which was broken into and £5000 of equipment stolen. This is to try and help replace it. Any donation big or small would be gratefully received on our Just Funding Page >

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